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Photos with Cesar Milan & Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary

A huge ‘Thank You!’ to Cesar Milan, his crew and Michelle Peacock for making our Sanctuary stars shine! Mackenzie’s had the honor of providing the dogs for Cesar’s Grand Rapids show last night, April 8th at DeVos Performance Hall! Staff, Volunteers and 11 Sanctuary sweethearts went downtown last night for the chance to meet Cesar and be on stage with him learning together. Four Mackenzie’s dogs (and handlers) were picked – Benjaman (Kathy), Cadence (Shauna Markby Behling), Badger (Brenda Seelman Stalter) and Mike (Sarah Kaake) to be on stage as part of his show. Jen Bauer had the super fun opportunity to go back stage and photograph the entire amazing experience. Our dogs (and people) did GREAT!

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