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Keeping Your Pets Happy During the Winter Weather

During the cold winter season, our canine companions can get cooped up inside. Here are a few tips to keep your dog mentally healthy during the (potentially boring!) winter months:

  • Food puzzle toys: Enrichment toys are a great way to feed your dogs while keeping them mentally stimulated. Examples of veterinarian approved enrichment toys include Kong and Premier PetSafe products. Here are a few specific examples: http://store.petsafe.net/toys
  • Utilize their sense of smell: Dogs are scavengers and love to follow their noses. You can engage your dogs by hiding treats in the house or signing up for a “scent” class with your local dog training team.
  • Spend time with your pets outside of the house: Take your dog to your veterinary clinic for some love and attention from the receptionist staff or to the local pet store to run errands. A change in scenery will keep your pet thinking and alert.
  • Schedule play dates with dog friends: What better way to fight the winter blues (and boredom) than time with friends!
  • Create an indoor agility course: Use treats to train your dog to crawl under a chair, weave between boxes, or jump over your laundry basket. You can turn everyday household items into a fun-filled agility course with a little creativity.