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Winter Weather Safety

With the winter weather in full force, let’s review cold weather safety for your pets. Winter weather can create many hazards for your pets, such as icy sidewalks, salt exposure, and frigid cold temperatures. To keep your pets safe, remember to keep your pet on a leash when walking on icy sidewalks. This will protect your pet from slipping which can cause injuries to ligaments, bones, and muscles. Wipe your pet’s feet when they come inside to remove salt from their pads, and use “pet safe” salt when possible. Lastly, bundle up your pets when the wind chill falls and keep them inside out of the elements as much as possible.

On a personal note, my dog, Millie, slipped on a patch of slush on our sidewalk a couple weeks ago. The poor girl broke her two front teeth in the fall! Luckily, she has healed nicely from her dental extractions and has made a full recovery. Accidents happen when the weather provides hazards, and I hope this advice minimizes cold weather scares for your pets!