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Adoption Process

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about Mackenzie’s Adoption Criteria.

We are the largest “No-Kill” shelter in the mid-west. Mackenzie’s was developed to be the “Home-along-the-way” for abused and abandoned dogs.

As a Sanctuary, we can house our dogs for their whole lives. The ultimate goal is to find the dogs in our care their “Forever Homes”…. as well as to find the perfect fit for our potential adopters.

What to expect from our program:

  1. The adoption fee is $250.00 for puppies. 200. 00 for young adult and adult dogs, and 150.00 for senior dogs, 7 years old and older. This fee helps to cover some of the medical cost of spay/ neuter, current shots, heartworm preventative and micro-chipping. This also helps to cover food, toys, and any special needs that could be required per each particular dog.
  2. For safety sake we require a “physical fenced” in area. Our dogs need a safe place to sniff, and run, and be safe from other predators who could come into their territory.
  3. Our adoption process is very thoughtful and thorough, because of this we require up to three visits to establish a bond (between our adopters and the adoptee) and to complete the adoption process. Please note the following steps:
    1. First, fill out and send the online adoption survey below you will receive notification that the application was received and a call back from the Adoption Coordinator.
    2. Together we will schedule the first visit with the dog or dogs that you and your family are compatible with. This visit could take up to an hour depending on the connection you and the dog have.
    3. If everything goes well with the first visit then you and the Adoption Coordinator will schedule a second visit with the adoptee. We introduce any dogs the Adopter may have in their home to the adoptee during this visit, as well as have special time to bond with the adoptee.
    4. When the second visit is over, and all seems to be going smoothly, the Adoption Coordinator will then ask if you would like to schedule a home visit.
    5. The home visit is to make sure the adoptee is comfortable in the new home, if everything checks out, the final adoption step will take place at this time. You will have now adopted your forever friend.
  4. Adoptions are limited to within 150 miles of Grand Rapids/Lake Odessa, MI.
  5. Adopters must be 21 years of age or older.

Click here to complete the online survey.