Wish List

What do the dogs need? On our list you’ll find everything from toys and food to beds and blankets. Please call Mackenzies Animal Sanctuary (616) 693-2490 to donate.

You can also find these items and many more we need on our Amazon.com Wish List. To find them, go to Amazon.com and hover over “Wish Lists” in the top right corner, choose “Find a Wish List or Registry” and type in “Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary“.

You can add any of the items to a purchase you are already making or make a special purchase just for our doggies waiting for a home — either way, it ships right to the Sanctuary! Remember to include your name and address, if possible, so we can acknowledge your kindness! You can even do it from your Amazon.com mobile app!

Doggie Wish list:

  • Kongs — fun for the dogs and help combat boredom.
  • Nylon Leashes — for safe long walks.
  • Nylon Buckle Collars — very secure for the safety of our dogs.
  • Plush Toys — nothing reduces stress and exercises like playing. (no hard plastic on these toys please – can be hazardous if dog swallows)
  • Chewies and Rawhide — every dog needs something to chew on. (no Greenies please)
  • Dog Biscuits, Training Treats, and Hot Dogs — a must have for teaching dogs new tricks. Small treats (or treats that can be cut up into small pieces) work best.
  • Gift Certificate to Pet Supply Stores — what the dogs need when they need it.
  • Spray Cheese (in a can) — helps medication go down easy.
  • Bedding: blankets, bath towels…used are fine!

Doggie Toy Wish List:

MOST needed toys:

  • Kong Toys — durable toys for powerful chewers (any size, especially “XL” Black Kongs). Kongs can be used for fun play time!
  • Frisbee’s — any type (plastic, rubber, plush)
  • Hard Rubber Toys
  • Hard Plastic Jolly Balls – large size
  • Plush Toys (no hard plastic on these toys please – can be hazardous if dog swallows)
  • Buster Cubes
  • …and any other FUN dog toys that might have been missed!

There are many other fun ways to dogs active and stimulated. Please help us gather the following to continue these fun enrichment activities:

  • Scent Extracts — spraying kennel walls with stimulating scent extracts, to help keep the dogs’ minds busy with fun new scents during their stay! Scents needed: Raspberry, Vanilla, Coconut, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Lavender, and Almond.

For Administration and Maintenance:

  • Pre-Paid Gas Cards — help the dogs get to and from vet visits.
  • Paper Towels and Cleaning Supplies — with dogs there is bound to be a mess.
  • Office Supplies — Copy Paper, Legal Pads, Pens, Pencils, Tape, Staples, Post-It Notes.
  • Donated Advertising Space to get the word out about available friends.
  • Large Pan and Rake Poop Scoops
  • Gift Certificates — to Office Depot, Office Max, or Staples to keep the offices running.