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    Intake Date – 4/21/2010
    Adoption Date -6/28/2010

    Update 7/3/2010
    Things are going well so far. After discussion (and asking him) we felt it was OK for Rosie to change Chap’s name to Cody. He actually seems to respond to it better – perhaps it is closer in sound to his original name!? He already has his very relaxed moments – sleeping on the floor with the big dogs around him. Frequently through the day his tail is "up" and we’ve heard a small bark a few times. He and the cat can sit next to each other with little or no interest. He can also stay relaxed when Marco or Mia come nosing around to see what’s up. He’s still adapting to the more energetic Marco moments, but he’s not afraid or showing teeth, etc.

    He loves to cuddle with Rosie and that seems to be his preferred activity – unless someone is in the kitchen. He is definitely food driven! We do not feed human food to the dogs, so I think he’s trying to figure out why his kitchen visits go unrewarded….

    That’s the updates for now. We are all very pleased with Cody! Thanks again!

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