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    Intake Date – 3/21/2010
    Adoption Date – 6-19/2010

    Just thought I would update you on our sweet little boy’s first days home! =)

    He is settling in great! It’s like he has always been here. He hasn’t shown the slightest bit of nervousness since you left! We love it! He has not had a single accident in the house either! Super bonus that he is house trained! Tukker and him are certainly becoming best buddies! They learned to play tug-of-war together last night. Pablo also started playing with toys, which we love that he finally gets to know how fun toys can be! We walked to the nearby lake yesterday and Pablo went swimming! He was nervous at first, but eventually he jumped in after Tukker and it was all fun from there! We are actually getting ready to go for a walk and a swim again today once I finish writing to you! Pablo is a such silly boy and loves giving kisses to momma and daddy. I am certain he already knows that we are momma and daddy and that his forever home will be with us. =) He is full of piss and vinegar too! That is for sure! I was positive that Tukker had the most energy for a dog ever, but Pablo has proved us wrong. When he is playing you my as well forget getting his attention! We might in the near future try to do some extra obedience/behavior training. He knows all of his commands that he learned at Mackenzie’s pretty well and does them without any hand commands. However, we would like to curb his mouthiness. He likes to latch on to Tukker’s ears and neck and not let go. Tukker has become a little more submissive then Pablo actually, so Tukker has not put him in check. When he gets real worked up he will nip at our feet and such too. So… we would like to control that before it becomes an issue and maybe teach him some more helpful commands or tricks! =) We also need to teach him what calm means! When we get ready to go to bed he just starts running the stairs at full speed. He is nearly impossible to stop until he is ready for bed. And… it’s not because he is not getting enough playtime during the day cause I have been home every day. He has been on daily walks, swims, yard play time, and hours of indoor playtime with Tukker! I am sure it is just built up energy from being in his run with just 20 minutes of vigorous play a day! Now… he is unleashing!!! =) HAHA! Speaking of the cutie patootie… He just jumped on the couch next to me for kisses! I love when his sweet little face comes up and licks me! My face gets lots of doggie slobber everyday that’s for sure! I will have to get some video footage of the boys to send to you. They are hilarious! I have taken several pictures though and will send you a couple! Hopefully in a month or so once he has really settled in and got used to the routine here we could bring him back for a visit with his family along the way! =) In the meantime, Thank you for all of your efforts, time, and hard work! We absolutely love our little guy and are so lucky to have him! =) He will be a blessing to us and we are so grateful that Tukker is able to have the sweetest and most adorable best buddy! Pablo’s new nickname is momma’s sweet baby! He is definately going to be mommy’s boy! So… a HUGE thank you to Mackenzie’s! =)
    On a side note… He has not eaten the Eagle Pack Prism since coming home. I mixed his food with our Purina Lamb and Rice since that is what we must feed to Tukker with his sensitive stomach and Pablo picked out all of the Purina and spit most of the Eagle Pack out on our floor. HAHA! Goofball! =) I tried it three times and every time he did not eat the Eagle Pack Prism. I figure no harm and am just letting him eat the Purina! =) It hasn’t given him diarrhea so I think we should be safe. I also noticed a little spot on his right side under his hair. Maybe something you guys never even noticed. I am not sure if it is a skin tag or what. It actually looks like a little boil, but I have not messed with it. When I get his vet records from you I will be taking him to the vet to get them up-to-date on his medical history as well as to get his heartworm and flea preventative and I can just ask them about it at that time! Anyways… I think that is all for now! I am sure we will hear from you soon to finalize things and we will be keeping you posted as well. I added Mackenzie’s facebook to my page also! Take care and thanks again!

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