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    Intake Date – 1/27/2010
    Adoption Date – 6/28/2010

    Mom and Dad believe that Panda is “Very, very, special and intuitive! Has fit right into their home, and said they love her very much! She sleeps by their bed, in her own little bed. Mom said she does not move all night. They also would gate in the kitchen, while they are at work. They came home and one of the gates was knocked down and Panda was just fine all day…..she did not touch a thing that she should not have.

    Panda has made friends with the two boxers next door. (Probably helps that she shared a kennel with Cole) <img src=” title=”Very Happy” /> !!! She also swan with the boxers in the neighbors pond!

    They are very happy, they have her at home with them!

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