We are super excited to see you at this years Open House and all the positive response we have received. We’re not afraid of a little rain, however, thunder and lightning are predicted tomorrow, which is another story. Safety is our main concern for everyone and all our four-legged friends. Due to this, we will be rescheduling our Open House to Saturday, October 21st. from 11 am – 2 pm. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we hope to see you next weekend. Fingers crossed the sun will be shining.

NOW HIRING - Part-time Veterinary Technician & Kennel Attendant/Sanitarian

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    3/21/2000 to 1/20/2009

    A heart of gold stopped beating,
    Two shining eyes at rest.
    God broke our hearts to prove,
    He only takes the best.
    God knows you had to leave us,
    But you did not go alone.
    For part of us went with you
    The day he took you home.

    In Loving Memory of one of our Sanctuary sweethearts, may you rest in peace.


    sweet pea sure does have one of the most beautiful smiles and such gorgeous eyes…. her face was always lit up with joy for life. Such a pretty girl. She will surely be missed.


    Sweetpea always made me laugh, she was such a hyper, funny girl. I remember one day I took her, and one of her dog friends over to the pool building. Anyone the knew Sweetpea, knew her love for toys. So after playing for awhile, I finally got the toy she had away from her, I threw it into the wading pool and it sank. I didn’t really think her love for that toy would make her go scuba diving. Sure enough, under the water she went! She looked like a little hippo, but not so graceful, swimming under the water in search for her newly loved toy. She finally came up with toy in mouth, she was so proud.<img src=” title=”Very Happy” />
    I had never laughed so hard in my life. Thank you Sweetpea for giving me such a wonderful story to tell.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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