Order your Pet Food at Chewy.com and Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary will get a $20 donation!

Adopt, Volunteer, Donate this Holiday Season!

Help spread the love to the Sanctuary Sweethearts
that will be calling Mackenzie’s their home for the Holidays.

(click on the picture below to view a special album)

Adopt: to give a wonderful dog a forever loving home.

Volunteerto help give TLC, walks and much, much more.

Donateto support our efforts of giving dogs in need a safe, warm, loving
...home along the way until a forever family is found.

Holiday Giving

Don’t forget! You can find our gift bins at our
Grand Rapids ChowHound locations!
Thanks for your donations!

A Giving Tuesday Surprise!

For Your Support On #GivingTuesday

This Giving Tuesday we asked for your help to feed our rescue dogs.

Mackenzie’s spends over $40,000 annually on dog food alone. With an average of 90 resident dogs, we go through bags and bags each month!

We set a goal of $3,500, which would feed our dogs for 1 month. To our surprise, we hit that goal right away! So, we asked for another month, a total of $7,000.

Due to the outpouring love and support from our facebook friends, our website followers and Big Weenie Brand matching the first S400.00,……


We are beyond grateful for this amazing show of kindness & support for our cause!