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Status: Adoptable | Adoption Survey
Date of Birth: February 27, 2017

I’m Cheeto! Looking for an active and fun-loving partner in crime? I may be a little biased, but that could be me!
I’m what they call a youngster out here, and I’m a real go-getter! I love to run and play (would probably be a great marathon training partner pal) and would love to find a human friend that likes the same things as me! After a good run or some time working on agility, I relax a bit and can settle in for a good snuggle.
Before coming to Mackenzie’s, I was out on my own and going on adventures. I was picked up during my adolescent phase, and that’s the time in a dog’s life when they need the most structure and training. I’m an intelligent pup (so I’ve been told), and I know that I can be a well behaved guy – but I need to find myself a home with a human that can help bring out that good side of me. In the meantime, the staff and volunteers at Mackenzie’s will keep me busy with races to train for and agility courses to run. If you find yourself looking for a hiking partner or someone to hit the pavement with you first thing in the morning, I could be your guy!

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