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Cupcake & Sugar

Status: Not Adoptable
Date of Birth: June 12, 2014

Cupcake & Sugar

At Mackenzie’s we always try to stay as positive as possible with our posts. Unfortunately, our reality of being a rescue can be very hard and sometimes sharing the truth will help educate those that may not know about the neglect & abuse “Puppy Mills” inflict on the beautiful souls they’re mass breeding. Together we can STOP this horrible exploitation.

This is what “Puppy Mill” females look like when the “Puppy Mill” is done with them.  With your help we will do everything in our power to get them both as healthy as possible. These sweet girls deserve a second chance at knowing love, happiness and health. They will have a long road to recovery; we hope you’ll support our efforts in their care. Thank you!

Cupcake: has many medical issues that we need to work through before we can safely anesthetize her for her spay & dental. This is Cupcake’s medical list:

  • Very low blood protein (albumin) level. Additional testing has been submitted to determine the underlying cause. She has some fluid accumulation in her abdomen due to the albumin level being low.
  • Liver is very unusual looking on ultrasound.  Therefore, additional liver testing +/- liver biopsies will be needed.
  • Gallbladder (which sits next to the liver) has debris accumulating in it that may require medication to improve.
  • Mass forming at the base of her bladder.  Therefore, additional sampling of this mass +/- surgical excision will be needed.  Based on the location of the mass, surgical excision may or may not be an option (as it appears to be very close to where the kidneys drain into the bladder).  We will need to re-ultrasound her bladder when full in order to better assess this mass.
  • Inguinal hernia repair
  • Dental extractions
  • Ear infection
  • Skin infection

Cupcake is going to be a dog who takes many weeks to months to slowly stabilize her health.  Her long-term prognosis is guarded at this time as the liver and bladder changes may be cancerous (it’s too soon to say for sure) and the albumin levels can be very hard to manage.  Hopefully, the additional testing provides us with guidance so that we can make the best treatment decisions for Cupcake to allow her the best chance at a healthy life.

Sugar: She doesn’t have the intense medical issues as Cupcake, but she was still severely neglected. Sugar had a mild case of kennel cough so once she recovered, she was spayed & had a dental. This is Sugars medical list:

  • Extensive Dental Extractions
  • Inguinal hernia repair
  • Ear Infection
  • Luxating patella’s
  • Mammary nodules removed

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