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Status: Adoptable | Adoption Survey
Date of Birth: May 1, 2006


My name is Jazzie! Pretty cool name for a pretty cool dog! If I do say so myself…

I may be a senior gal, but I do my best to stay active! I love taking walks and I love swimming out in the pond here at Mackenzie’s. Not only do I like to stay physically fit, but I love keeping my mind sharp as well! I mastered the usual basic commands right away, so staff at Mackenzie’s started to teach me some more advanced tricks! I’m proud to say I got those down pretty quickly too.

I’m not always on the go, however! I’m a popular “office helper” here at Mackenzie’s, which means I like to keep my human friends company while they work. I have a couple favorite dog beds that I love to sprawl out on, and when I sense my humans need a break, I’ll get up for some cuddles and pets.

I’m definitely more of a “person” dog, so to speak, and would prefer to be the only pet in the home during my golden years. I can be particular about my food and toys, so an experienced owner with patience and love to give would really help me thrive.

Meet-Your-Match Canine-ality color is: Orange Busy -Bee!!!!
For safety’s sake, we are looking for homes with physical fenced in areas.
Please fill out our online adoption survey at www.mackenzies.info

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