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Status: Not Adoptable
Date of Birth: September 2, 2009


I spent three years tied up on a short chain without any shelter. People would drive by my owner’s house and see me forced to be outside in the rain, snow, and heat, day in and day out.

My horrible living conditions ended the day I came to my new home at Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary. Now I have a nice cozy kennel and only go outside when I want to. And when I go into a play-yard, or into the huge exercise yard that has a pond, I get to run around as fast and as far as I want! I can’t tell you what freeing experience that is.

When I first came to Mackenzie’s I didn’t know what to expect. I’d only ever known my yard, so I was wary of everything and everyone. However it didn’t take me long to realize what an amazing place this is. I’ve grown to trust the people closest to me, and I’ve even learned basic obedience. And although I’m still wary of strangers, every day I’m learning to trust a little more. Please consider being my sponsor.

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