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Poor Quincy was found tied up to one of the barns at Mackenzie’s one cold winter morning. And he was not happy about that. It took the staff and volunteers several hours to calm him down enough to get close enough to bring him inside.

Quincy now allows some of the staff to spend time with him. He loves to show off how well he can sit, shake, sit pretty, roll over and lay down. He is very smart! It takes a while for Quincy to warm up to you. Only our experience staff and some volunteers are able to spend time with him. It has been very hard to find a family who understands his personality and needs. But we will never stops working with him or loving him!

Quincy, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of his left rear limb in March 2018. Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer most commonly diagnosed in large breed senior dogs. Often the first sign of this disease is owners noticing their dogs limping and/or favoring one of their limbs. In order to definitely diagnose bone cancer, x-rays and other specialized tests (biopsies) are performed.

Unfortunately, bone cancer is very aggressive and has usually started to microscopically spread throughout the body by the time of diagnosis. Additionally, it is a very painful disease as the cancer cells replicate and destroy previously normal bone. Therefore, the main treatment goals of bone cancer are to minimize discomfort while slowing down spread of disease (“metastasis”).

In order to help Quincy battle osteosarcoma, his cancerous leg was amputated as it was causing him intense discomfort. He began to happily run around on three legs within a couple days of surgery.  Most dogs transition to life with three legs very well! Now that he has fully healed from surgery, his chemotherapy has started. Chemotherapy is the second step to osteosarcoma treatment as it attacks the cancer’s metastasis.

You’ll be happy to know that chemotherapy in dogs is rarely associated with the same intense side effects as chemotherapy in humans. Our goal is to slow down his cancer with chemotherapy while maintaining his energy, appetite, and joy for life. Therefore, Quincy should be in great spirits throughout his treatment!

Osteosarcoma is not often completely cured in dogs, but overall prognosis can be extended dramatically with appropriate treatment. We are pleased to provide Quincy with comfortable, high quality life for as many months as we are blessed to continue his care!

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