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Status: ADOPTED!
Date of Birth: April 2, 2013


I came from a broken home where my human parents fought all the time. I tried really hard to stay out of the way when they would argue—their yelling was so scary. One day I didn’t hide quickly enough, and my dad kicked me so hard he broke my leg. I was only three months old.

Now I live at Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary where the only yelling I hear is when someone’s calling me to come play with them! I have hip dysphasia now, but that doesn’t slow me down from running full speed ahead to greet them.

I get along with other dogs, and am an enthusiastic player, so I need a playmate who wouldn’t mind my high-energy play style.

Because I came to the kennel as an adolescent, sometimes new experiences scare me. This is because I don’t have as much exposure to life outside of the kennel environment. Luckily staff and volunteers are helping me by taking me on off-sites to see all sorts of new and exciting things. I love to meet new people, and if there’s kids, even better!

The staff at Mackenzie’s told me that not all homes are like the one I came from—that there are human parents who don’t yell, and who would never kick me or hurt me, not ever. Boy, I’d love to have a family like that. Please consider being my sponsor.