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Leashless Lab

Leashless LabLeashless Lab is a company that utilizes spent brewing grain in baked dog treats and donates 10% of their profits back to a designated dog charity. They have operated out of the Milwaukee area with local breweries but have since expanded operations in other states.

Recently, Founders Brewing Company of Grand Rapids, MI has agreed to sell these all-natural dogs treats made with repurposed beer grains, (non-alcoholic – no hop contact) and the dogs at Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary will be benefiting from the sales.

Leashless Lab is dedicated to creating wholesome and sustainable treats for dogs by partnering with breweries to bring the base of our favorite local beers to our canine companions. It is our mission to make an irresistible treat using ingredients from our community for our community, while giving back to various animal protection organizations. That’s why we donate 10% of all profits from each bag of treats we sell to organizations that we wholeheartedly support, like Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary!