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Max & Neo

Max & NeoDedicated to serving dog shelters and rescues by donating one for one for every product sold.

Max and Neo Dog Gear is named after Owner and Founder, Kenric Hwang’s dog Neo and his brother’s dog Max. Both dogs lived happy lives in Arizona. When Neo passed away, he was unable to get another dog due to the amount of traveling he did. He began fostering dogs from a local dog rescue. It quickly became apparent to him that running dog rescues required a lot of resources in both time and money. As a result, he felt that he was able to donate items and money.

Max & Neo manufacture and sell high quality dog products and sell them at the same or lower prices as retail stores. When you purchase a Max and Neo product, you are getting a great product and a great price AND you are helping dog rescues. By donating a product every time someone purchases a product, they can support and supply dog rescues with a virtually never ending supply of leashes, collars, harnesses, beds, etc…

 In 2018, Max and Neo:

  • Sent 5,500 donation boxes to rescues across the United States
  • Donated 138,000 items to over 2,200 rescues on our list
  • Provided rescues with 70,000 dog leashes and 55,000 dog collars ranging from XS-XL
  • Gave 13,000 other items that rescues need such as dog harnesses, bowls and supplements
  • Spent $75,000 in FedEx shipping on just the donation boxes