We are super excited to see you at this years Open House and all the positive response we have received. We’re not afraid of a little rain, however, thunder and lightning are predicted tomorrow, which is another story. Safety is our main concern for everyone and all our four-legged friends. Due to this, we will be rescheduling our Open House to Saturday, October 21st. from 11 am – 2 pm. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we hope to see you next weekend. Fingers crossed the sun will be shining.

NOW HIRING - Part-time Veterinary Technician & Kennel Attendant/Sanitarian

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How Kids Can Help

Kids that are eight or older can come to the sanctuary with a parent or guardian and help to pet, train, or brush dogs. All family members wanting to volunteer should fill out the volunteer application and will attend orientation and training.

Kids of any age can help the Mackenzie’s Dogs! Here are some ideas on how kids can help.

  • Hold a pet drive in your classroom to collect treats, toys and other items needed at the sanctuary.
  • Hold a “Pennies for Pets” fund drive. Collect spare change throughout the school year and donate it to the sanctuary at the end of the year. You will be surprised how it adds up!
  • Learn about spaying and neutering and how it saves lives. Then tell everyone you know about how they can do their part.
  • Throw an animal party. Instead of bringing gifts to the party your guests can bring “presents” for the animals. You could even schedule a tour of the sanctuary as part of your party and bring the gifts for the dogs.
  • Hold a car wash, bake sale, or pop can drive and donate the proceeds to the animals.
  • Organize a pet club to support homeless dogs.
  • Hold a poster contest at your school to increase awareness about pet overpopulation and to encourage people to adopt pets from area sanctuaries and shelters.
  • Live by example. Always treat animals with respect.
  • Share pictures or stories of Mackenzie’s adoptable dogs on your Facebook or social media, with permission from your parent.
  • Ask your teacher to have us bring a dog to your class for a visit to talk about how to treat animals.
  • Make home-made treats and bring them to the sanctuary for the dogs to eat.