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Adoption Survey & Application

Please note that for safety’s sake, we are looking for homes with physical fenced areas. Adoptions are limited to within 150 miles of Grand Rapids/Lake Odessa, MI. Our adoption process involves the family visiting Mackenzie’s for at least two (2) “get-to-know-you” visits, followed by a home visit and all adopters must be 21 years of age or older.

1Contact Information


Are you over 21 years of age? *Adopters will be asked to show proof of valid identification.

Have you ever adopted with us in the past?

How did you hear about us? Required

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2Home Information

Are you a homeowner or renter?

Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, what type of fence?
How high is this fence? If other, please describe:

3My Ideal Dog Preferences

The size of dogs that I prefer are: (select all that apply)

The type of breed(s) I like best are:

The temperament & activity level I'm looking for is: (select all that apply)

Any specific Mackenzie's dog(s) you are interested in?

4"Meet Your Match" Adopter Survey

I have owned a dog before.

The last time I had a dog was:

My dog needs to get along with my other dogs.
If yes, please list their names, ages, genders, and breeds

My dog needs to be good with: (select all that apply)

My dog needs to be comfortable with: level in my home.

My dog will primarily be an

My dog will spend approximately hours outside every day.

My dog needs to be able to be alone

When I'm at home, I want my dog to be by my side

When I'm not at home, my dog will spend its time
Please provide any details of this area:

I want a guard dog.

I want my dog to hunt or herd with me.

I want my dog to be the type that is very enthusiastic in the way s/he shows/loves people.

I want my dog to be playful.

I want my dog to be laid back.

I am comfortable doing some training with my dog to improve manners such as jumping, stealing food, and pulling on the leash.

When it comes to my relationship with my dogs, I tend to be more:

If other, please describe:

I (or my children) want to compete in Agility, Flyball or Obedience with our dog.

I am interested in a dog with "special needs" (medicinal or behavioral).

How much do you think you'll spend yearly for the care of your dog? $
(food, medical care, boarding, toys, etc.)

What is the best available time for a Mackenzie’s Adoption Coordinator to call for a phone interview?

Any other details you would like us to know?

By submitting this application, I agree that the information I have provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge.